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Just as our body has a circulatory system it also has several energy systems. You may have already heard about meridians and chakras. Energy Medicine restores energy flows that have become weak, disturbed or out of balance.  In the course of our lives we have all experienced events that have had a traumatic and lasting effect on our emotional and physical well being. Real energies get stuck in our bodies and compromise our body’s ability to stay in balance. Consequently we experience disease, physical pain and emotional dysfunction. I use muscle testing (MRT) to find and release these energetic blockages from your body and energy systems, identify limiting beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your full potential and help you regain confidence and find more joy in life.

                       As an Energy Practitioner I do not diagnose or treat illness but rather hone in to determine the energetic state of your organs and body systems.  I use  ‘The Emotion Code’ modality and also rely on my intuition as well as my practical and theoretical skills to restore harmony and balance within.

The Richards Trauma Process